Jun 23, 2013

Googles APIs Console

In order to access the Googles api you must first create a project in Googles Api Console   In the menu on your left you will find an option to create a new project.

Once you have given your project a name click on "create project".    You must now decide what services your project will need to access.

Simply click on the on or off to select the API's you will be accessing.  Note: you can pick as many or as few as you like.  

API Access:

You need to set up a few things in order to and access the API's.  Select the API access menu on the left.  Now assuming you will be using Oauth2 click on the "Create an Oauth 2.0 Client Id.    You need the client id to use oath2.

Branding information is very important when users are asked to give you permission to access there data this is the information that is displayed to them.  Note: Product logo must be hosted on line someplace you can't upload the file here.   

Application Type:
There are three different types of applications for you to consider.    The first being Web application is your project going to be accessing Google Apis via a website?    You will need to tell Google the Host name of your website so that it knows where to return the AuthToken after the user has approved access.

Service accounts are slightly different the other two account types.  Service accounts don't access user data so they don't need a user to approve access first.   Accessing Cloud storage for example won't access user data.

Once you have created a service account you will be prompted to download the key.  You need to keep this you will need it later. 

The final application type is installed application this is where a user has installed your application in some way.

Next step:  
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